Xesús Campos Álvarez

Pseudonym: Chichi Campos
Category: Graphic humorist
Birth Date: 31st December 1952 (†26th February 1991)
Birth Place: La Laguna (Tenerife)

He moved with his parents to Galicia when he was a child. He directed 'Mestre Mateo' Art Gallery in A Coruña until 1974. In collaboration with Xosé Díaz, Luis C. Esperante and Rosendo Díaz, he founded 'Cómic do Castro' Group and together with Xosé Díaz he published the first number of Galician magazine 'A cova das choias'. He collaborated with the newspaper El Ideal Gallego, the German magazine 'Pardón' and was a correspondent in Galicia of the art magazine 'Batile' (Barcelona).

 Work & Activities

Together with the members of 'Cómic do Castro' Group and Xaquín Marín and Reimundo Patiño, he carried out an exhibition at 'Círculo Mercantil' in Santiago in 1973. Besides, he participated in the exhibitions 'Arte Joven de Galicia' (1973), 'Trece Artistas de Hoy' (A Coruña, 1974) and the homage exhibition to Castelao (1975), organised in the Athenaeum (Ourense).