José Giraldez Maneiro

Category: Civil Servant and politician
Birth Date: 24th September 1933
Birth Place: Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra)

His father was a teacher and he was an autodidact. When he was living in Villa Cisneros, he took an exam for people older than 25 to enter University and studied Law at La Laguna University. After working at several courts in Galicia (Vilagarcía, Vila de Cruces and Rianxo), he was appointed to Bata (Equatorial Guinea) as secretary of the court. He directed the administrative process in the decolonization period in Equatorial Guinea (approval of the Constitution and presidential and legislative elections). Once the country was evacuated, he was appointed to Dajla (the old Villa Cisneros) in the Spanish Sahara until 1976. When he returned to Galicia, he worked in the reconstitution of the Spanish Socialist Party and founded local groups all over Galicia, especially in Arousa. He was a member of the Galician executive commission of the Galician Socialist Party on several occasions, member of the federal committee of the Socialist Party during two sessions and member of the Galician Parliament, representing Pontevedra, for twelve years.

 Work & Activities

He studied Common Law of 'fong', 'bujeba' and 'combe' tribes in Equatorial Guinea.