José Luis Fernández Ansedes

Birth Date: 20th January 1955
Birth Place: Mondoñedo (Lugo)

He studied Primary Education at Julia Pardo Montenegro School and afterwards he prepared for the exam of secondary education in Alejandro Palacios’ academy.
He studied Secondary Education in Mondoñedo and Ribadeo, passed the final examination in Betanzos and the entrance examination to the university in Santiago de Compostela.
He graduated at the Tourism School in A Coruña and then he studied Business Management in Lugo.
Since 1978 he has been working as manager of “Comercial Fermo” in Mondoñedo and since 2004 he has also been running “Finca el Remanso" Holiday Cottage in Viloalle (Mondoñedo).
He practised several sports when he was young and was the foundation member and president of ‘Leiras Pulpeiro’ Cultural Association. The association develops many cultural programmes: lectures, concerts, theatre plays (‘Moite de Merlín) and the celebration of ten editions of ‘Sábados de Vagar’ in Mondoñedo.
Afterwards, as a result of the creation of ‘Leiras Pulpeiro’ Nature Club, he focussed more in sports activities and tourist promotion: the foundation of ‘Rei Cintolo’ Espeleology Club for the promoting of the cave, the design and road signs of four trekking routes in Mondoñedo, the restoration of ‘A Fervenza de Viloalle’ recreational area and the creation of an interautonomic touristic route to join Tapia de Casariego (Asturias) and Mondoñedo (The corn route). He is co-founder and president of ‘Abrindo Camiño’. This association was created in 2004 within the activities carried out in “Leiras Pulpeiro” Cultural Association (Mondoñedo).
People from different town councils and associations got together to include A Mariña and A Terra Chá areas, the passage of the North Way in the province of Lugo.

 Work & Activities

He directed ACIAM (the Association of Industrialists and Self-employed People of Mondoñedo) from 1990 to the beginning of 2000 and was the president of ‘As San Lucas’ Trade Exhibition (1993-1995).
In 2004 he collaborated with the City Council as programming manager to promote the food and agriculture and tourism sectors in that area.
He also founded and co-organised four editions of the ‘Fiesta Gastronómica de la Ensalada’ and was on the board of directors of FEMLU (Business Federation of A Mariña, Lugo), being in charge of the first joint exhibition in TURISPORT (Silleda) and FITUR (Madrid).