José Ignacio López de Rego Uriarte

Category: Architect
Birth Date: 23rd October 1953
Birth Place: Madrid

He studied Architecture in Madrid, specialising in Building and Town Planning in 1979. Since then, he has worked on his own in his office in Lugo. He carried out many architectonic and urban projects, reports and expert works both for private people and public institutions. Since 1985, he has carried out several restoration projects of the Roman Wall of Lugo, winning the contest to draw up the previous studies to the plan for the restoration of the Roman Wall of Lugo, organised by the Fine Arts State Office of the Ministry of Culture. He has studied the monument and drawn up the restoration projects. He has directed works and carried out the emergency works requested both by the 'Consellería de Cultura' (Xunta de Galicia) and the Ministry of Culture. He has attended several courses on town planning, building, installation, restorations, evaluation, etc. He has also given several courses and lectures.

 Work & Activities

He directed the team that drew up the documentation before the UNESCO to request the recognition of the Roman Wall of Lugo as 'World Heritage'. He drew up the Plan of the Roman Wall of Lugo (2002). He is a member of the associations 'Arquitectos y Peritos Forenses del COAG' and 'Arquitectura Hospitalaria'. He takes an active part in the Galician Association of Architects. He was on the governing body of this association. He is the author of several architecture works (collective, single-family and commercial houses) for both private people and public institutions. His work 98 VPO en la calle Lamas de Prado de Lugo was selected for the exhibition '10 años de arquitectura española', promoted by the Ministry of Works and Transports. He has published several articles and works such as 'La ciudad y sus murallas, la muralla romana de Lugo, diez años de intervención, análisis y restauración' and 'Primer Foro Gallego Casco Histórico, Rehabilitación, Conservación y Promoción'.