Manuel Mallo Mallo

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: In 1923 (†31st July 2007)
Birth Place: Teo (A Coruña)

He studied Arts and Crafts in Santiago de Compostela and directed the Technical School of Lugo. He was awarded several prizes and distinctions such as ‘honorary citizen’ of Teo, Castelao Medal, the Medal of the Work Merit, the Bronze Medal of Galicia and the Medal of Teo.

 Work & Activities

He made many works in Lugo and the rest of Spain as well as abroad. These are some of the most outstanding ones: elements for the “Sagrada Familia” in Barcelona, the fountain at Fonseca cloister (Santiago), memorial to the mother in Oza – Teo, the bust of Rosalía at Rosalía de Castro Park (Lugo) and memorial to Ángel López Pérez together with Asorey.

 Other Interesting Aspects

After he retired in November 2003, he transferred his workshop to the County Council of Lugo.
He was awarded the 'Insignia de Ouro dos Graniteiros Galegos' in December 2005.