José Eduardo López Pereira

Category: Professor, writer and researcher
Birth Date: 12th October 1945
Birth Place: Trasalba (Ourense)
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He took a degree and a doctor's degree in Classic Philology at Salamanca University and is a Professor of Latin Philology at A Coruña University. He directed the Spanish Philology Department (1991-92) and was the general secretary of A Coruña University (1992-97). Since 1997, he has been filling the office of director general of Universities in the 'Xunta de Galicia'. He enjoyed a scholarship of the 'Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst' to do some research works in the Academy of Bavaria (Germany) in 1983. He directs and coordinates many conferences, symposia and specialised courses and gives doctorate courses at A Coruña and Santiago Universities every year. He has also given doctorate courses at the Basque Country, Majorca and Cádiz Universities. He directed research projects of the Ministry of Education and Culture (DGICYT) and the Xunta de Galicia (CICET). He was a coordinator and teacher in the MA in Audio-visual Means, organised by the newspaper La Voz de Galicia. Nowadays, he directs a group of research workers at 'Ramón Piñeiro' Research Centre to elaborate the Corpus Documentale Latinum Gallaeciae and carry out the project As raíces culturais e literarias de Galicia: Os escritores de Galicia antes do galego.

 Work & Activities

He wrote thirteen books, several of them related to Galician culture such as O primeiro espertar cultural de Galicia (1989); Exeria. Viaxe a Terra Santa (1991), Guía medieval do peregrino. Libro V do Códice Calixtino (1993) and the most recent one Cultura, relixión y supersticiones en la Galicia sueva. Martiño de Braga "De correctione rusticorum", which was published and presented in June 1997 at 'Casa de Galicia' in Madrid. He has also written about a hundred articles that were published in several national and foreign scientific magazines and gave many lectures in national and foreign forums.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He directed the educative programmes EDAL and PEAL of the 'Xunta de Galicia' ('Dirección Xeral de Política Lingüística') and the programme En Familia. In 1994, he was awarded 'Xesús Taboada Chivite' Research Prize. He is the president of the association 'Amigos de Otero Pedrayo'. He was a member of the panel on several occasions at the Prize of Arts and Letters of the Xunta de Galicia, 'Otero Pedrayo' Prize, 'Losada Diéguez' Prize, Galician Criticism Prize, 'Espiral Mayor' Prize, etc.