Patricia García González

Birth Date: 7th july 1975
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

-1993-1997: Degree in English Philology (University of Vigo).

-‘Desarrollo de Metodologías en Formación e-learning’, UNED.

-AMP, Instituto de Empresa.



-“I Simposio Internacional sobre o Bilingüismo”.

-“Filología Inglesas e Traducción: Achegamentos dende o novo (con) texto”.

-Computing knowledge (Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Internet...)

-Basic and advanced course on Galician language.C

-Competitiveness and Social Cohesion (summer course), Complutense University (2003).

-AMP (Advanced Management Program), Business School (2005).

-High Performance World Forum (June 2005).

-Marketing and Sale World Forum (October 2005).

-Seven habits of highly effective people (Franklin Covey) by Tea Cegos, February 2006.

-CRM seminar, Business School (April 2006).

-Four roles of leadership (Franklin Covey) by Tea Cegos (September 2007).

 Work & Activities

-He gave classes of English, Latin, Greek, Galician and Spanish Language at Tema Formación for three years, training students to enter University.

-Teacher of languages at Thema Formación for Goasam S.A. (Zara).

-Education coordinator at Thema Formación for two years.

-She gave further education courses and FIP plan. Nowadays, she is working at Femxa Formación, where she coordinates further education courses.

-She developed commercial labours at Thema Formación S.L. for a year, collecting signatures for Forcem campaign 1999.

-Training manager of Ingafor S.L., coordinating occupational training courses.

-1999: She worked at the Galician Institute for Management Development, carrying out further training courses related to commerce, hotel business, cleaning, textile and wood sectors by means of a previous analysis of the sectors and developing an adequate training plan for each one.

-Since 1999 up to date, she was a foundation member of Femxa Formación S.L. and is the present occupational training director.

-From 2000 up to date, she has been a foundation member of Apunto21 and occupational training director.

-From 2002 up to date, she has been a foundation member of Ideas Propias Editorial and Ideas Propias Web.

-From 2003 up to date, she has been a foundation member of Virtualia Learning Systems S.L. as director of the Strategic Unit.

-From 2004 to 2006, she directed the marketing department of Femxa Formación S.L.

-Since 2006 up to date, she has been a foundation member of N-Red and Advantia, both of them devoted to R & D & I training projects.

-From 2006 to 2008 she directed the training plans of Femxa Group.

-Since 2009 up to date, she has been consultant and member of the board of directors of Femxa Group.

 Other Interesting Aspects

-Member of the Association of Independent Businessmen of A Coruña since 2007.

-2009-2011: vicepresident of the Galician Association of Consultancy Firms (AGEC).

-President of Aje Galicia since 2009.

-Vicepresident of FEGAXE from 2009 to 2010.

-Member of AMPAGA since 2010.

-2011-2012: President of the Galician Association of Consultancy Firsm (AGEC).

-Since 2012 she has been collaborating in the MA in SME Management in the Faculty of Business Sciences – University of Vigo.

-Since 2011 she has been collaborating with Bancaja Emprendedores Professorship at the University of Vigo.

-2011- Rapporteur at ‘Alta dirección empresarial y de comunicación’, Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication (University of Vigo).

-2011: “Premio Cátedra Bancaja Emprendedores de la Universidad de Vigo” (member of the panel).

-2011: “Premio INCUVI- Emprende de la Universidad de Vigo” (member of the panel).

-2011: “Premio Ideas con Valor de la Universidad de Vigo” (member of the panel).

-2011: “I Premio Espíritu Emprendedor de la Universidad de Vigo” (member of the panel).

-2012: “Premio Emprendedor XXI de La Caixa” (member of the panel).