José Carlos Rey Cebral

Pseudonym: Xandrolas
Category: Researcher on traditional culture
Birth Date: 22nd january 1959
Birth Place: Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra)

He coordinates in Galicia the musical society TECNOSAGA, where he made some recordings. He also directed the instrumental section of the folklore association 'Cántigas e Agarimos' (Santiago) and founded the traditional music group "Pallamallada", which got the prize from the Ministry of Youth in 1987 to the best folk group.

 Work & Activities

He directed the record collection "Galicia, derradeira pola vila" and coordinated the chapters dedicated to Galicia in the collections Romancer panhispánico and La tradición musical en España, which were awarded by the Ministry of Culture. He is editor of the magazine 'A Grileira', which is published by the Association of Pipers of Santiago and surrounding area. He has also published the work Os Cruceiros de Vilagarcía (about the stonecrosses) and another one about the traditional instruments in the Galician lyrics. He took part in several records with the groups 'Pallamallada', 'Revenidas' and 'Os terribles de Arousa', singing and playing the pipe. He also wrote many articles about customs and manners and Galician culture. Nowadays he is preparing two works about the pipers of Arousa and the festivity 'os maios' in Vilagarcía.