José Ángel Blanco Núñez

Category: Journalist
Birth Date: 18th June 1965
Birth Place: A Coruña
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Since 1998, he has been the Head of the Sports at the radio station 'Radio España Galicia', director general of the programme 'Terceiro Tempo' since 1995. He filled the following offices: Head of the Sports Service at the radio station 'Onda Cero Radio' in A Coruña and Santiago (1996-97), sports editor at the Sports Service in 'Radio Galega' (1987-93), director of 'Radio Minuto' in Lugo (1986-87), director of 'Radio Minuto' in A Coruña (1987), editor at 'Radio Minuto' in A Coruña (1984) and editor at the Sports Service in Radiocadena Española (RTVE). He collaborates in the newspapers 'La Voz de Galicia', 'Marineda Deportiva', 'Sport' (Barcelona), 'Radial Press', 'Galicia Press', 'O Norte' and 'Estadio Sport'.