Xosé Molejón Rañón

Pseudonym: X. Mora
Category: Priest
Birth Date: 15th September 1934
Birth Place: Santiago de Reinante (Lugo)

He was ordained as a priest on 20th August 1961. He was coadjutor at San Pedro's Church in Lugo (1961 - 1968), coadjutor at Cádiz Cathedral (1968 - 1971), second organist at Lugo's Cathedral, canon at Lugo's Cathedral, organist and second tenor, teacher at the Seminary of Lugo for 30 years, chaplain of 'Buen Jesús' Society (Lugo) for 13 years, conductor of 'Meigas e Trasgos' Choral Society of Sarria (1972-75), Religion teacher at 'Femenino' Secondary School in Lugo (1971-74) and diocesan coordinator of the Marian Year (1987-88). He graduated in Harmony and Gregorian Chant at the Spanish College of Sacred Music.

 Work & Activities

He has published articles in the newspaper El Progreso (Lugo). He wrote the comedy Os apuros dun zapateiro, the work Las Cofradías de Semana Santa en la Ciudad de Lugo and the complete history of the 'Offering' to the Blessed Sacrament from 1966 to the year 2001. He has compiled three collections of religious melodies. He collaborates in the magazine 'Lucensia' and is the author of the centenary Catalogue of Names (20th century) of all the priests ordained in the diocese Mondoñedo-Ferrol and the one of the Bishopric of Lugo during the 20th century.