Jaime Solá Mestre

Category: Journalist
Birth Date: 11th September 1874 (†9th January 1940)
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He studied Law in Santiago and Valladolid although he devoted himself to Journalism. He edited the magazines 'Poquita Cosa', 'Vigo Juvenil' and 'Vida Gallega', the most important one. In 1903, he bought the newspaper El Independiente in Vigo, which later was called El Noticiero. Jaime Solá also spent some time in Madrid, where he was on the editorial staff of 'El Globo' and collaborated in other newspapers of the city.

 Work & Activities

As a writer, he published the novel Anduriña (1917), first appeared in the magazine Vida Gallega. He also published other works in this magazine such as Diablillos, Mis memorias, Cuentecillos (1894) and the poems Todo malo (1895) and El nacer de un día (1919) and the novels La mala sombra (1895), El alma de la aldea (1918), Ramo cativo (El Ribeiro de Avia) (1918) and El otro mundo (1919). Jaime Solá also wrote the comedy El Diputado.