Jaime Félix López Arias

Pseudonym: Arlindo López
Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 25th September 1949
Birth Place: Nespereira - Sarria (Lugo)
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He graduated in Teaching in 1968 and devoted himself to adult education. After graduating in Social Work (1972), he took a degree in Law in 1978. Nowadays, he is working at ‘Gregorio Fernández’ Secondary School –Teaching for adults-, where he directs a course on Regional History and practises as a lawyer in Sarria. He was awarded Meigas e Trasgos Tale Prize, the Gold Camellia in Vilagarcía and Convivio Essay Prize in Guimarais.

 Work & Activities

He wrote the following books: As augas toldas (narrative, accesit Pedrón de Ouro), Cuco Rei (narrative, accesit Pedrón de Ouro), Sarria, Everest, 2002, Santa María Madalena de Sarria, Publication Service of the County Council of Lugo, 1996, O Trasno da Cervela, a story published in the magazine ‘Grial’ and A primeira Deputación de Lugo. He promoted the archives of Sarria and the cultural associations ‘Arcas’ and ‘Irmandade Sarria-Guerledan’. He has published many historical research works in the bulletin of Lugo’s Museum, the bulletin of the Seminary of Studies and the magazine ‘Seurros’, all of them related to Sarria, both on historical and ethnographical matters. Besides, he participates in the magazines ‘O Tamborileiro’, ‘Casa grande de Sarria’ and the brochures of St Juan Festivities with articles on historical themes.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is about to finish two books related to Sarria: Os mosteiros de Barbadelo and Os Hospitais de San Lázaro e Santo Antón de Sarria. He published the article ‘O camiño francés de Biduedo a Lugo’ in the newspaper El Progreso.