Manuel Canosa Santamaría

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: 30th July 1950
Birth Place: Cee (A Coruña)


He teaches Technology at ‘Fernando Blanco’ Secondary School in Cee (A Coruña).

He is an autodidact sculptor who mainly uses wood in the creation of his works although he uses other materials as metals and ivory as well.


 Work & Activities

These are some of his most outstanding works: ‘A Virxe da Xunqueira’ (four pieces), ‘Elegancia morena’, ‘A pinga da vida’, ‘Juan Pablo II’, ‘San Antón’, ‘Venus galega’, ‘A Virxe nena’, ‘Crucifixo’, a bust of his wife, a bust of a fisherman, four bas-reliefs (Ana, María, Concha and horsewoman), coat of arms of Cee, ‘A moza do laúde’, a mirror frame, a wall picture frame, ‘Neno sobre o coxín’, ‘Orla universitaria’, ‘Rexorde o amencer’, ‘A polbeira’, symbols, images, magazine racks and flowerpots.

He also sculpts metal crowns and small figures.



He exhibited his works in Cee (A Coruña) on three occasions during the Cultural Week and the Craftsmanship Show in Guitiriz (Lugo) in the Music and Art Day, in O Couto, Ponteceso (A Coruña) in the Letters and Art Day and in Cabana, Ponteceso (A Coruña) in the Craftsmanship Exhibition.

 Other Interesting Aspects


La Voz de Galicia accounts for his work in some notes published on 14th July 1988, 15th July 1988, 19th July 1988, 26th July 1988 (analysis of his development), 26th April 1989, 20th May 1990, 12th August 1990, 14th August 1990, 17th August 1990, 18th August 1990, 31st May 1991 (interview), 6th June 1991 and 22nd September 1998 (photographs of some pieces).