Isabel Garrote

Birth Date: En 1948
Birth Place: Ferrol

She lived a happy childhood and was keen on drawing. She began to study at “Ibáñez Martínez” Primary School and Secondary Education at Concepción Arenal Secondary School. Then, she studied Teaching and began to make posters, decorations and illustrations for children. She threw herself into the children’s world and created her first watercolour paintings.

She got married and began to work at Jesús Maestro School. In spite of having a family and a job to attend, she never gave up her brushes and pencils. She was responsible for the decoration and mural paintings of her parish church and even decorated the candle at Easter every year.

When her children grew up, she began to attend classes with Ricardo Segura Torrella. She learnt how to draw, see, and discover brightness and shadow. She started oil painting soon. During those years, she formed part of Manos Unidas and celebrated an exhibition and an auction every year, which helped her to get in touch with painters that donated their works for the association.

After Segura Torrella’s death, she looked for another teacher and began to paint watercolour. She joined the lessons of José González Collado for several years.

She tries to transmit to his pupils her passion for drawing and painting. Children can communicate in her drawings better than adults can.

She travelled to Africa as voluntary worker in a mission for a month. In the walls of the nursery of the mission, she made mural paintings for the children with drawings of the jungle.

 Work & Activities


1995: “Alumnos de Segura Torrella”, Carvalho Calero Cultural Centre.

1996: Exhibition of solidarity, Athenaeum (Ferrol).

1997: ‘Feitura’, Athenaeum (Ferrol).

1997: ‘Manos Unidas’, Casino (Ferrol).

1998: ‘Manos Unidas’, Casino (Ferrol).

1998: ‘Cáritas’,.

1999: ‘Manos Unidas’, Casino (Ferrol).

2000: ‘Manos Unidas’, Casino (Ferrol).

2001: ‘Asociación de Amigos del Alzehimer’, Athenaeum (Ferrol).

2002: “Alumnos de González Collado”, Estudio 23, S/ Francisco, 23. Ferrol.

2002: ‘Acuarelas Maribel Garrote’, Gallery of the Casino (Ferrol).

2003: ‘Acuarelas desde Galicia’, Jardín de Serrano. Madrid.

2004: Athenaeum. Ferrol

2004: ‘I mostra pequeno formato’. Athenaeum. Ferrol.

2005: ‘Factoría de ilusiones’, Jardín de Serrano. Madrid.

2005: EQUIOCIO. Ferrol.

2005: “II mostra pequeño formato”. Athenaeum. Ferrol.

2005: BE TRUTH Gallery. Ferrol.

2006: 15th edition of “Vila de Cedeira” Painting Contest (selected work). Collective exhibition.

2007: “Rincones”. Casino. Ferrol.

2008: “Aires de mar”, Jardín de Serrano. Madrid.

2009: “Que polas miñas ventas entre a luz ao voso fogar”. Caranza Residential Home. Ferrol.

2009: “Marqués de Suanzes” Polytechnical School. Ferrol.

2010: RecreArte . O Castro. Cerdido.

2011: “Colores”, Edificio Arquivo. Betanzos.

 Other Interesting Aspects

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