Isabel Blanco Picallo

Category: Actress
Birth Date: 8th September 1971
Birth Place: Berne (Switzerland)
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She took a degree in Translation and Interpreting (English – German). She is delegate of the Actor and Interpreter Management Society and vicepresident of the Galician Audiovisual Academy.

 Work & Activities

She worked on the TV programmes 'A Repañocha' (1996-98) and ‘O Rei da Comedia' (2002), in charity, fashion and special performances on Galician TV and in the serials 'Mareas Vivas' (she was the main character in 150 episodes), 'Nada es para siempre' (Antena 3), 'Abogados' (Tele 5), 'Avenida de América', 'Un mundo de historias' and 'Pratos combinados' as well as in 'Autopsia' on the TV-movie. As far as cinema is concerned, she worked in O lapis do carpinteiro by Antón Reixa, ¿A ti como se che di adeus? by Jorge Coira and Aqueles que só existen (short film). She also translated Diálogos Suízos by Urs Widmer from German into Galician and several documentaries and films for Galician TV (French, German and Italian).

 Other Interesting Aspects

She speaks German, French, English, Italian, Galician and Spanish.