Darío Villanueva

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 5th June 1950
Birth Place: Vilalba (Lugo)

He took a degree in Romance Philology at Santiago University and a doctor's degree in Hispanic Philology at the Autonomous University in Madrid. He is Literature Theory Professor at Santiago University. From 1987 to 1990, he filled the office of dean at the Faculty of Philology. He has been a member of the Spanish Academy since June 1991. In June 1994, he was elected as rector of Santiago University and again in May 1998. He visited several Universities and gave lectures in Argentina, Australia, Canada, U.S.A., France, Holland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, South Africa and Switzerland. He published fifty articles about critical theory and comparative literature in Spanish magazines such as 'Insula' (he is also a member of the board of directors) or the Bulletin of the Spanish Academy. He also published articles in the foreign magazines such as 'Hispanic Review', 'Poetics Today', 'Analecta Husserliana', 'The American Book Review', 'Semiosis' and 'Revue de Littérature Comparée'. He worked as literary critic in magazines such as 'Camp de l'Arpa' (Barcelona), 'Nueva Estafeta' and 'Libros' (Madrid), Diario 16, in the cultural supplement of the newspaper ABC (Madrid) and in the weekly magazine 'Cultural' of the newspaper El Mundo.

 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important books:El comentario de textos narrativos: la novela (1989; second edition, 1992), El polen de ideas (1991), Trayectoria de la novela hispanoamericana actual (1991), in collaboration with J. M. Viña Liste, Teorías del realismo literario (1992), finalist of the Esssay National Prize in 1993. Nowadays, this book is being translated into English at the State University of New York Press. He has also published: La colmena de C.J. Cela, Cartas desde mi celda de G.A. Bécquer, Las inquietudes de Shanti Andía, de P. Baroja and Sonata de invierno, de Valle Inclán. Darío Villanueva is the coordinator of Cronología de la Literatura Española, a four-volume work whose first volume was published in October 1991.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He also belongs to the board of directors of the Spanish Society of General and Comparative Literature. He is a member of the International Association of Comparative, the International Association of Hispanists, the Spanish Society of Semiotics and the Twentieth Century Spanish Association of America. In 1999, he was conferred the title of 'doctor honoris causa' in Arts at Birmingham (United Kingdom). In July 2007, he was elected member of the Spanish Academy.

He was elected member of the Spanish Academy in July 2007 and director in December 2014.