David Rodríguez Toro

Pseudonym: David Toro
Category: Photographer
Birth Date: 27th April 1977
Birth Place: Lugo
Telephone: 07913324055
Correo electrónico: 
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David Toro is a photographer born in 1977. He started to learn photography in 2000 while doing his Degree in Photography (Lugo, Spain) and quickly focused on portraits. His images are often constructed as photo-series - something between fashion photography and movie storyboards. Since 2002, all of his works are digital photos. He enjoys keeping his photo sessions as simple and friendly as possible and focuses on adjusting the colours and mood in the digital darkroom. Conveying an atmosphere is one of the most important factors in his work. Nowadays he lives in Japan.

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Further information in the web: www.davidphoto.info