Gonzalo Carré Alvarellos

Category: Sportsman
Birth Date: 24th January 1891 (†¿?)
Birth Place: A Coruña

Gonzalo Carré was one of the sons of Eugenio Carré Aldao. He began to play football in 1905 at Reina Victoria F. C. and was also a player of Galicia F. C. and María Pita F. C. etc. From 1908 onwards, he worked as a sports commentator in the newspaper El Noroeste and was nominated as vicesecretary of the Galician Football Federation that same year. He organised the First ‘Vuelta Ciclista a Galicia’ in A Coruña and in 1955 he entered the board of directors of the Galician Athletics Federation, filling his office until 1972.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Gonzalo Carré was awarded the gold medal to the athletic merit of the Galician Athletics Federation, the silver medal of the National Federation (1960) and the bronze medal of the National Delegation of Physical Education and Sports (1965). He was also national judge and honorary judge of the Spanish Athletics Federation.