Xosé Luís Freire Rodríguez

Category: Musician
Birth Date: In 1952
Birth Place: Arcos - Outeiro de Rei (Lugo)

He was on the group ‘Fuxan Os Ventos’ since 1974 (voice, guitar, bass and accordion) with which he made six records: Fuxan Os Ventos (Philips-Fonogram, 1976), O Tequeletequele (Philips-Fonogram, 1977), Galicia canta ó neno (Philips-Fonogram, 1978), Sementeira (Philips-Fonogram, 1979), Quen A Soubra Cantar (Ruada, 1981), Noutrora (Fonomusic, 1985) and Sempre e mais despois (Fonomusic, 1999). From 1981 to 1983, he was the head of promotion at ‘Ruada S.A.’, the first Galician record company. After collaborating in ‘Radio Nacional de España’ as a sound engineer, he collaborated in the starting of the Galician autonomous radio (1985), being the first broadcasting head and shortly after, producer and director of musical programmes.

 Work & Activities

He was a joint author of the book Galicia canta ó neno (a selection of Galician Christmas popular songs) and published a daily cartoon for over a year in the newspaper O Correo Galego under the pseudonym of ‘Dacolá’.