Francisco Xosé Pérez Porto

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: 9th December 1938
Birth Place: Barallobre (O Penedo) - Fene
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Exhibitions and prizes: Social Club in Ferrol (1979); Autumn exhibition (travelling around Galicia); Archaeological Museum in A Coruña; 'Medulio' cultural society (Ferrol); Exhibition Room at 'Caixa Galicia' (A Coruña); Lorient (Britanny, on four occasions); 'Museo do Pobo Galego'; Social Club in Mugardos; Collective exhibition of the 'Delegación de Cultura' (A Coruña, 1981); First Prize of Plastic Arts in O Grove (1981-82); Inauguration of the Culture House in Fene (1982); Galician Christmas at the Archaeological Museum in A Coruña; Series of prizes for Plastic Arts in A Coruña; County Council Offices in Lugo. Homage to the painter Luis Seoane (A Coruña, Ferrol, Fene); 'St Valentine' Cultural Centre in the Day of Galician Letters (Fene); Second Prize 'Halcón Veicar' (ceramics), 'Arracada' Gallery (A Coruña), 'Sargadelos' Gallery (Santiago), 'Sargadelos' Gallery (Madrid), 'Sargadelos' Gallery (Ourense), 'Sargadelos' Gallery (Vigo-Ferrol), 'Centro de Artesanía e Diseño (Lugo).

 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important works: - Memorial to Castelao (at 'Carlos Maside' Museum). - Memorial to Rafael Dieste (Rianxo). - Memorial to emigration (Ortigueira). - Memorial to the clown (Fene), which is represented in the famous clown 'Fofó' - Poster at the Faculty of Philology (A Coruña University). - Poster at the Archaeological Museum in A Coruña. - Poster at the Technical Education School in Burela (Lugo). - Poster at the the Secondary School in Viveiro (Lugo). - Signposting on the French route to Santiago (Pedrafita-Santiago).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has been collaborating with the ceramics factory 'Sargadelos' since 1984. His last work is a research about the future of pottery in Galicia.