Francisco Vales Villamarín

Category: Teacher and historian
Birth Date: 7th May 1891 (†24th August 1982)
Birth Place: Betanzos (A Coruña)

Since he was very young, he devoted himself to Teaching. He created the 'Irmandades da Fala' in Betanzos (A Coruña) and directed the summer camps for school children in A Coruña, promoted by the National Pedagogical Museum. He also directed the yearbook of A Coruña and was a historical researcher and chronicler of Betanzos (A Coruña).

 Work & Activities

He published about thirty books related to his native city.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was secretary for life of the Galician Academy, member of 'José Cornide' Institute and member of 'Nuestra Señora del Rosario' Academy of Fine Arts. He was awarded the distinction of 'honorary citizen' of Betanzos (A Coruña) and the Order of Alfonso X, the Wise King. He also got a prize for life from 'Barrié de la Maza' Foundation, the silver medal of Betanzos, the medal to the merit at work and the medal to the cultural merit.