Francisco Javier Dobao Fernández

Pseudonym: Dobao Javier
Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: In 1973
Birth Place: Barcelona
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He spent his childhood and youth among sculptures, watching his father work in a modest studio at Escudillers Street in Barcelona until he moved to his studio in Vigo. In 1993, he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts, combining Art with Psychology and learning from his father, the sculptor Pedro Dobao. They work and collaborate together making memorials and big sculptures of the most varios themes, materials and techniques. He also did smelting training in a firm in Vigo.

 Work & Activities

In 1997, he participated in the exhibition ‘Galicia Terra Única’ with a two-metre height statute made of steel, which was temporarily placed at Pontevedra Boulevard. In 1998, he began to work as a teacher of Secondary Education, teaching plastic and visual education in Vigo. In 1999, he participated in the creation of the programme ‘Arte e Natureza’ and the organization of the ‘I Simposium Internacional de Escultura do Alba’, in which he also participated with a stone sculpture titled ‘Natureza e Cultura’, placed at Alba Mount Observatory in Vigo. In 2001, he was selected to take part in the Tenth International Symposium on Galilea stone Sculpture, representing Spain with the work ‘Arquitectura do Sol’, which was placed in an urban area at Ma´lot, Galilea (Israel).

 Other Interesting Aspects

Bibliography: Galicia Terra única, A escultura Galega Actual en Galicia, Xunta de Galicia, (October 1997), Artistas de Galicia, Xunta de Galicia (2003) and Enciclopedia Galega Universal, Ir Indo, volume 7 (2002).