Alfredo Garrido García

Category: Singer, composer, actor and producer
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He has been singing all around Europe, Africa and South America. He recorded twenty albums and was the artistic director of Philips-Polygram for 18 years. He discovered Galicia 30 years ago and he felt such a passion for this land that he always developed his artistic life all around Galicia. His grandparents were Galician.

 Work & Activities

He composed the songs of the following children’s TV series: “Marco”, “Mazinger-Z”, “La abeja maya”, “Tarzán”, “Vickie el Vikingo”, “El pequeño Cid”, “Pippi Calzaslargas” and others by Walt Disney. He is also the author of songs performed by Plácido Domingo, Xil Ríos, Camarón de la Isla, Nino Bravo, Francisco, Greta y los Garbo, Marián Conde, etc. He was the producer of many groups and artists such as A Quenlla, Xil Ríos, Fuxan os Ventos, Astarot, Avalon, Cantigas de Berce, Chill out celta en galego, The Refrescos, Habaneiras en galego, Xoan Rubia, Nuevas amistades, Así é a miña terra, Paco de Lucía, Plácido Domingo, Tino Casal, Nuevo Mester de Juglaría, Greta y los Garbo, Los Chichos, Francisco, Los del Río...

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the following prizes:

-1967: Gold medal as the best singer.

-1968: Finalist at the Benidorm Festival.

-1968: Sculpture-homage from Mexico as the most qualified singer and “Afiador de Prata”, second prize for his song “Mi Tierra Gallega” at ‘Festival del Miño’.

-1970: 2nd prize at ‘Festival del Miño’.

-1971: “Afiador de Ouro”, first prize for his song “A Marola” at ‘Festival del Miño”.

-1972: “Torre de Hércules” Silver Prize and “Caballero Armado” Prize for his version as singer of “Mazinger-Z”.