Francisco Álvarez de Nóvoa

Category: Journalist
Birth Date: In 1873 (†In 1936)
Birth Place: Granada
 Work & Activities

After travelling around Spain, Portugal and America, he established himself in Ourense, where he carried out a successful journalistic career in several newspapers (El Noticiero, El Diario de Orense...). In El Derecho he collaborated with many articles on literary criticism and presented his own poetries and his narrative book Paisaxes in 1894. But he was recognised as a writer thanks to his texts titled Agujetas that were published in the newspaper El Miño.
In 1899 he collected his narrative work in the volume Pé das Burgas. Apart from narrative and poetry, Álvarez de which was performed for the first time but remained unpublished Nóvoa also wrote theatre, he wrote a comic play titled O señor dalegado.