Xosé Luis Franco Grande

Category: Writer and lawyer
Birth Date: 17th February 1936
Birth Place: Tebra - Tomiño (Pontevedra)

He spent his childhood and first youth in Tebra, where his parents worked as teachers of Primary Education. He studied Secondary Education in Vigo and Law in Santiago. In Vigo, he worked as lawyer and legal adviser in the bank 'Caja de Ahorros de Vigo'. He is married and has two daughters: Rosalía (lawyer) and Navia (journalist). He has always been in touch with partners, who fought for the national dignity of Galicia during the 50's.

 Work & Activities

Books: 1957.- Vieiro Choído. 1967.- Entre o sí e o non. 1968.- Diccionario Galego Castelán. 1970.- Obra Completa de Leiras Pulpeiro. 1972.- Vocabulario Castelán Galego. 1985.- Os anos escuros. 1987.- Herdo de memoria e tempo. 1991.- A ilusión da esperanza. Os tempos non dan chegado (at printing house). Biografía de Francisco Fernández del Riego (at printing house).

 Other Interesting Aspects

-He got the 'Rosalía de Castro' National Prize of Literature for his poetry book Entre o si e o non. -He is a member of the Galician Academy.