Adolfo Prego de Oliver

Category: Journalist
Birth Place: Ourense

He studied Teaching in Ourense and started his journalistic career in the newspaper La Región in 1933. After being injured in the war, he could devote himself to journalism and was helped by his friend Manuel Cerezales, who collaborated with the newspaper El Pensamiento Navarro in Pamplona. Adolfo Prego began to collaborate with the newspaper La Voz de España, where Manolo Cerezales was already subdirector. When the war was over, Adolfo Prego returned to Madrid and entered the editorial staff of the magazine Mundo, which was dedicated to international matters. Besides, he collaborated in the magazines 'Artes y Letras' and 'Misión'. During the 50's, he collaborated in the newspaper Informaciones as a theatre critic, becoming one of the most famous ones in Madrid. He edited the magazine Blanco y Negro and also collaborated in the newspaper ABC with a column titled 'Cada día'.

 Work & Activities

He wrote some theatre plays that were not performed such as El exiliado, Comedia para estudiantes and Epitafio para un soñador.