Fernando Pérez - Barreiro Nolla

Category: Translator
Birth Date: En 1931 (†2010)
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)

Fernando Pérez-Barreiro Nolla was a prolific and multi-faceted intellectual who lived Galicia in England for many years. He was a pioneer as a translator into Galician (in 1972 he published the first version in Galician of Macbeth, by Shakespeare, and also made the first direct translations from Chinese into Galician). He could speak eleven languages and was an expert in international politics, being very important in the projection of Galician culture abroad from the United Kingdom.

 Work & Activities

He first worked at the BBC for Spain and then at the Translation Service of the International Coffee Organization, as well as in other institutions. During the 90’s he also worked as a Professor of Translation at several universities.

In England, he promoted Galician culture, economy and society to be known abroad. He also tried to bring to Galicia the main lines of thought of the moment regarding economy, sociology and politics because he thought it was important for Galicia to know the theoretic currents that were developing in Europe.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Homenaxe a Fernando Pérez-Barreiro Nolla (19th volume of Cadernos Ramón Piñeiro Collection) was presented at Novacaixagalicia Foundation (Ferrol) on 13th October 2011. This volume exhibits the work carried out by Pérez-Barreiro by means of a detailed chronobiography, bibliography and hemerography. The book also includes all the letters he wrote to Ramón Piñeiro for over two decades as well as several journalistc articles published by Pérez-Barreiro in A Nosa Terra, Tempo Exterior and Diario de Ferrol.

His wife, Teresa Barro, an many of his friends such as Eduard Punset, Miguel Carlos Vidal, Camiño Noia, Nicolás Vidal, Francisco Xosé Fernández Naval, Xosé Luís Franco Grande and Xulio Ríos collaborate in this book. An unpublished text titled “A oportunidade histórica concreta do espírito galego” completes the work.