Xacobe X. Martínez Antelo

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 15th March 1976
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He took a degree in Political and Social Sciences at Santiago de Compostela University and studied piano, solfa and double bass at the Classic Music Conservatoire in Santiago de Compostela. He got the professional diploma on Modern Music at the Music School of Santiago de Compostela and took classes from Suso Atanes, Abe Rábade, Baldo Martínez, Kike Alvarado, Antonio López “Castillo”, Paco Charlín and others. He attended the ‘I Seminario Permanente de Jazz de Pontevedra’ by Abe Rábade and Paco Charlín, ‘Seminario de Sound Painting’ by Walter Thompson, the ‘XIII Jazz Meeting’ in Helsinki (Finland), organized by the International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ), ‘Master Classes’ by Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Ronan Guilfoyle, David Friesen, Dennis Irwin and Manfred Bründl. He also studied Musical Language, Double Bass and Refrain and worked as a Professor of electrical bass at Yamaha-Melik Music School.

 Work & Activities

-He founded ‘Rumorosos’, ‘Ausgang’ and ‘El Rey Payaso’.
-He placed the bass and composed ‘3 pies’ and ‘Clan Moriarty’.

He played the bass and double bass with Mercedes Peón, carrying out several international tours.

-He composes ’Maruxa y Trio’ with Terela Gradín, Carlos G. Segovia and L.A. Rdguez.
-He plays the double bass at the ‘S.E.M. Big Band de Jazz’ directed by Suso Atanes.
-He plays the double bass and composed ‘Sumrrá’, together with Manolo Gutiérrez and Luis A. Rdguez.
-He plays the double bass at ‘Marcelino Galán Quartet’ together with Raynald Colom and Marc Ayza.
-He plays the double bass at ‘Bi’ (jazz duet) with Marcelino Galán.
-He co-directed the Jams Sessions of Dado-Dadá Jazz Club in Santiago de Compostela for two years.
-He coordinates ‘Cabo JAM Lourenzo’ (Sala Nasa).
-He plays the double bass at FAT (acoustic jazz groove).
- He plays the double bass at La Tirana together with Patricia de Lorenzo and Marcelino Galán.
- He plays the double bass at ‘Jaime Alvarellos Quartet’.
- He plays the double bass at ‘Terela Gradín Quartet’.
- He plays the double bass at ‘Midnite Cool, Mr.Cool and Cool Hamster’.

-Performances with ‘Tirititraun Teatro’ (he was a foundation member of this company).
-He collaborates with ‘Chévere’ in Ultranoite (Sala Nasa).
-He participates in the creation of ‘Chévere, Río Bravo 02’ as a musician and actor.
-Together with Carlos Blanco and Mon Orencio, he performed ‘Contando Baixiño’.

-In the magic mountain. Clan Moriarty. 1995 (demo).
-Trip I. Clan Moriarty. 1996. EP.
-Bambán. Vol. I. Clan Moriarty. 1997. (compilation).
-Sarela. 3 pies. 1999 (demo).
-Toural 2001. S.E.M. Big Band. 2001 (demo).
-13 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Helsinki. CD (demo).
-Sumrrá. Sumrrá. 2002 (demo).
-Roho. Marcelino Galán. 2003 (demo).
-Sumrrá. Sumrrá. 2003 (demo).
-Autopsia. 2003 (sound track composed by Nani García).
-II. Sumrrá. 2005.