Florentino Cacheda

Birth Place: Lalín (Pontevedra)

Both his father and grandfather where tailors. After his education in public schools of Lalín, he started his career in Barcelona, where he stayed for four years combining his job in a clothing factory with his studies at the Design School. This gave him a thorough education that marked his whole life in the fashion world.
His career was interrupted for some time owing to this military service. Before founding GRUPO FLORENTINO, Florentino Cacheda was already working in the men’s clothing sector.

 Work & Activities

His homesickness and fascination for Lalín made him found Grupo Florentino in 1970. During the first years they got the necessary knowledge to act with a true company mentality, creating work outlines, training people and taking care of technology. They began to take after vital aspects in a company such as image and the product positioning and promotion.
From 1981 onwards, there is a new concept of fashion that makes Florentino develop two different but coherent visions of clothing, one of them more classic but renewed and the other one sport city.
Owing to the boom of the international fairs during the 80’s, Florentino was present in the best fairs and participated with his own stand in Sehm (Paris), Eurostyle (New York), Manstyle (Toronto), Herren Mode (Cologne) and Gaudí (Barcelona). Florentino’s product arrived in international markets such as the USA, United Kingdom, France, Scandinavian Countries, Canada and Holland. It was during those years that the commercial relations with the USA developed in a remarkable way.
Florentino Cacheda started the decade of the 90’s with a consolidated company, supported by a market position with enough solvency to face future increase. It is in this moment that exportation to the European Union starts and he takes a chance on France.
Throughout the following years, Grupo Florentino consolidates its productive structure creating two new bays dedicated to industrial production, a quality logistic centre and a new administrative centre, over 30.000 m2 in all. The whole productive structure was equipped with the last advance and the most modern technologies.
Since the first collection, the designer was forming his own team, a group of new creators who take an active part in the collections, always under his direct supervision.
In the last years, he was awarded many distinctions for his activity as a designer and businessman. His character and personality drives the company in the great business and commercial projects he starts such as the launch of new products as a response to the needs of the new millennium man.
At first, he invested in a factory of about 1.700 m² in the centre of Lalín. In this first bay at Pintor Laxeiro Street, they made clothing until 1987, using at the moment an industrial process with high-tech machinery.
In 1987 he inaugurated the factory of Calle do Rodo with over 4.200 m². Ten years later they moved to the industrial state of Lalín.

 Other Interesting Aspects

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