Emilio Carricoba Carricoba

Category: Composer and conductor of music bands
Birth Date: 1st January 1900 (In 1969)
Birth Place: Matei, Ferreira de Pallares – Guntín (Lugo)

When he was a child, he began to study music with Serafín Mariño, who was the conductor of Ferreira Music Band. When he was a teenager, he gave it up to join another Music Band in Guntín (Escala Band), where he played the clarinet and trombone.

When he was 25, he founded his own group, Armonía Band. Besides, he was a music teacher and prepared several musicians for the exams of Lugo Music Band.

In 1993 he got a contract as conductor of A Mezquita Music Band in A Merca (Ourense) and a year later, he got in charge of Vilanova dos Infantes Band.

During the Civil War, he became conductor of FET-JONS Band in Lugo. From 1939 to 1945 he gave Music lessons and trained several groups of that area: Vilacendoi, Noceda, Piugos… During those years, he made friends with Gustavo Freire, Reveriano Soutullo and Manuel López Varela, conductor of Madrid Music Band (1944-1950)

From 1944 to 1949, he directed Chantada Music Band and was one of the promoters of the Music and Sol-fa School that was inaugurated in November 1947.

Finally, from 1949 to 1957, he conducted Ribadeo Music Band.

 Work & Activities

Emilio wrote over a hundred works as for example: “Luis Campos”, “Por Pallares”, “Las Marzas”, “Virxenciña de Ferreira”, “En las Riberas del Eo”, “Ecce Mater Nostra”, “Consumatum Est”, “Himno a Taramundi”, “Eufónica”, “¡Viva a Terra!” and “Xente de Paz”.