Masito E. Beiró

Pseudonym: Masito
Category: Painter and illustrator
Birth Date: In 1955
Birth Place: Padrón
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He enjoyed a grant from ‘Mestre Mateo’ Art School in Santiago and graduated in Geography and History at Santiago de Compostela University. He is a journalist of the EFE Agency and head of press at the City Council of Padrón. Previously, he had worked as a correspondent of El Correo Gallego from 1986 to 1990. He was the founder of ‘Petroglifo’ and has made radio programmes for emigration in Catalonia for 14 years. Nowadays, he combines his job in the city council with painting. He participated at ‘Convento do Carme de Padrón’ Bienal Exhibition and ‘Bello Piñeiro’ Contest in Ferrol as well as in exhibitions in Rianxo, Pontevedra, Santiago, Arte Mostra Santiaguiño, O Caurel and Forcarei.

 Work & Activities

He illustrated the following books: ‘Pseudopoesía da Costa da Morte’ by Arturo Romaní (1978); ‘Paixón e vida dun poeta’ and ‘Almenar Poético’, both of them by Maximino Castiñeiras (1981 and 1983); ‘Balada do vento na ría’ by Xesús Santos (1984); ‘Poetas premiados no Concurso Rosalía’, Barcelona (1992) and ‘Diá’ (2003) by J. Lobato. He is also the autor of several posters for festivities: ‘Pascua de Padrón’, ‘La Anguila de Valga’ (he was awarded the first prize on three occasions), Corrubedo, ‘Congreso del Deportivo da Coruña’ (1999) and ‘Irmanamento Noirmountier’ (1993). He carried out individual exhibitions in Santiago, Barcelona, Toledo, Cornellá, Paris, Buenos Aires, Forcarei and Padrón.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1963, he was awarded the Children’s Painting First Prize, organized by La Voz de Galicia and participated in a collective exhibition of new artists in A Coruña. He is also a member of Rosalía de Castro Foundation and the Association of Painters from A Vendée (France), ‘Ruta Marítima de Arousa y Ulla’ Foundation, scribe of the ‘Orden del Pimiento de Herbón’ and secretary of the jury of ‘Camilo José Cela’ Narrative Prize and ‘Maruxa Villanueva’ Theatre Prize.