Eduardo Ramil Rego

Category: Prehistorian and museologist
Birth Date: 13th July 1965
Birth Place: Vilalba (Lugo)
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He took a degree in Geography and History and Advanced Studies on Archaeology and Antiquity History at the University of Santiago. He has a studio, where he carries out different activities related to Cultural Heritage, archaeological control of civil works and buildings, cataloguing of sites, historical studies, work evaluation and heritage valuation.

 Work & Activities

He has been directing the Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Vilalba. He has written and collaborated in twenty books about prehistory, archaeology and museology. He also wrote articles in specialized magazines and was scientific editor of several monographs. He participated in many national and international conferences and gave courses on prehistoric technology in universities and research centres. He is secretary of the editorial staff of ‘Férvedes’ and secretary general of the International Conference on Archaeology in Vilalba. He is also a member of different institutions related to prehistory and museology. He was responsible for the organization of several exhibitions, some of them standing exhibitions and other itinerant ones. Nowadays he is finishing his doctoral thesis (‘El Paleolítico superior en el Noroeste de la Península Ibérica) under the direction of Professor F. Bernaldo de Quirós Guidotti.