Eduardo Fajardo

Category: Actor
Birth Date: 14th august 1924
Birth Place: Mosteiro (Pontevedra)

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Eduardo Fajardo was in the post war cinema the antagonist, the other, the villain. He broke with his family tradition (they devoted themselves to trade) and made his debut in the cinema in 1947. In addition to his good appearance, his well-toned voice attracted everybody’s attention. Not for nothing did he earn his living as a dubbing actor in American films from 1942 to 1946.


 Work & Activities

He signed a contract with Cifesa for several years. In 1953, he travelled to Mexico, where he carried out an intense activity in the cinema and shortly after in theatre and TV. He returned to Spain in 1956 to film ‘La ciudad no es para mí’. During that period, he went on working in Spanish-Italian coproductions and mainly in the "spaghetti western". He often returned to Mexico, his second country, and every time it was necessary for his work. Fajardo had been many years without working in the theatre until he reappeared in ‘Cándida’ by Bernard Shaw in Madrid, together with María Dolores Pradera. In 1985, he played the main character in ‘Tristeza de amor’, a serial on Spanish TV. He was already a mature actor but without renouncing his condition of eternal screen idol and many viewers saw the same efficient actor. He was also successful in ‘Los gozos y las sombras’, which made him meet again his birth place and reach a great audience among the public. A bit later, he substituted his friend and partner, Alfredo Mayo, who died shortly after starting to film ‘Tristeza de Amor’.
When he retired he moved to El Huércal in Almeria, where he has his house. He established himself there because of the climate and his knowledge of the city because of lots of filmings carried out there. It was here that he met Matías García Fernández, president of the FAAM (Federation of Associations of the Disabled of Almería). Eduardo realises that he still can be helpful for somebody and began to meet and talk to disable people and starts a new dedication. He founded "Teatro sin barreras", which is a reality today. About twenty people with different disabilities made up this amateur theatre group, doing better and better every year at the same time they develop love for theatre under the directions of Eduardo Fajardo, who despite his age he performs some short farces. In his leisure time, Eduardo also writes. He has just written ‘La guitarra y el tiempo’, a monologue with which he visited all theatres in Andalusia. He will start a new monologue soon and probably his memories as well. He does not give up to his plate collection of all parts of the world either. Boredom and waste of time have no choice in Eduardo’s life and although he is 85 he says he stills has a lot to do.


 Other Interesting Aspects

Eduardo was married on four occasions. In Mexico he married twice. He had several children from his marriages: José Antonio, Paloma, Corazón, Lucero, Dusko, Alma and Eduardo. He has twelve grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He has an excellent relationship with all his family.
 In July 2010, Eduardo Fajardo was paid homage in his native village and was elected ‘honorary citizen of Meis’.