Elías Rodríguez Varela

Category: Journalist and businessman
Birth Place: Trabada (Lugo)
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As he is a journalist and businessman, he is considered one of the best advertising narrators and communicators. In 1958, he started to work in the radio station 'Radio Juventud' and 'Radio Nacional' in 1963. In 1968, he founded and became broadcasting manager at 'Radio Centro'. In 1981, he founded 'Centro de Comunicación' and 'Estudios Abaira, S.A.' in 1989, a company dedicated to advertising, dubbing and installation of amplifying equipment. Nowadays, he is still considered as one of the most important voices in Spain. He is the president of 'Abaira' Group ('Estudios Abaira', 'Abaira Publicidad', 'Matinha Estudios de Son de Portugal', 'Abrente Soluciones Audiovisuales' and 'Línea de Fuego'), vice-president of 'Bosques Naturales' Group ('Bosques Naturales', 'Forestalia', 'Boscalia', 'Eurobosques' and 'Adagro') and consultant of several companies.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was distinguished as honorary citizen in Trabada (Lugo), 'Caballero del Camino de Santiago' and is a member of 'Enxebre Orden da Vieira'. He was awarded the gold and silver antennas of communication. He also got the distinction 'madrigallego de oro'. He was awarded the prize to the best radio voice in 2011.

The Galician Businessmen Association in Madrid (Aegama) granted him Victoriano Reinoso Prize  to the Best Galician Businessman of the year in 2012.