Manuel Anxo Laxe Freire

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 12th December 1944 (†18 th january de 2006)
Birth Place: Duarría, Castro de Rei (Lugo)


He was brought up in the bosom of a large family where many professions were carried out. This type of Galician life and culture would influence him throughout his life, especially songs and stories that his grandmother told at the fireside. He studied Secondary Education in Lugo with the famous teachers Antonio Fraguas and Froilán López. He also studied Teaching in Lugo, taking his degree when he was eighteen. He was in the service of the Marines at the Naval Base in Rota (Cádiz), which let him know the U.S.A. Navy and travelled to the West Point Academy. When he came back, he carried out different activities. When he was twenty-one, he was successful in a public competition and got a post as teacher, working in different Galician villages. He also studied Philosophy on his own account and took a degree in Romance and English Philology. Since 1971, he has been working as an English teacher. Nowadays, he works at 'Masculino' Secondary Education in A Coruña. When he was young, he composed some popular songs and sermons as well as some small farce theatre plays that he performed in different cultural places. He soon started to publish political, sociological and anthropological articles in newspapers and specialized magazines.

 Work & Activities

After ten years without any publication, he published the novel Loita y Morte ('Xerais' Publications, 1986). Then he published Semente de onte and Reserva activa. He is a member of the Translators Association. He translated several texts written by English and American classic writers. In 1993, he was nominated for the National Translation Prize.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Nowadays, he collaborates with opinion articles in the newspaper O Correo Galego. He has also written an essay book titled Elementos Básicos do Saber Popular Galego.