Eduardo Dieste

Category: Writer
Birth Date: In 1881 (†2nd September 1954)
Birth Place: Rocha (Uruguay)

His mother was from Uruguay and his father was a Galician man. In 1888, he established himself with his parents in Rianxo (A Coruña), where he made friends with Castelao. He studied at the Seminary in Santiago (1893-1904) and when he was about to be ordained as a priest, he gave up. When he was studying Philosophy and Arts, he founded 'El Barbero Municipal' and returned to Uruguay in 1911. In Uruguay he devoted himself to Journalism and Teaching, encouraging a group of poets and artists ('Teseo') in Montevideo. He was appointed to London as consul (1927) and returned to Spain in 1931, where he filled the office of consul in Bilbao, Cádiz and Madrid. In 1935, he sponsored the magazine 'P.A.N.' in Madrid. At the beginning of the Civil War and disagreeing with the Uruguayan Government that had broken off the Republic, he gave up his post and returned to Montevideo. At the end of 1943, he was nominated as consul in San Francisco - California. Then he moved to New York (1952) and Santiago de Chile (1953).

 Work & Activities

In 1911, his book Leyendas de música came out in the collection 'Biblioteca de Autores Gallegos'. Between 1911 and 1927, he wrote the books Buscón poeta, Los místicos (theatre), El viejo (tragedy) and the volume Teseo. All these works, the short novels and essays he wrote in London and all what he wrote in Rianxo when he returned, were collected in the work Buscón poeta y su teatro. The volume was illustrated by Arturo Souto. The general part of Teseo with an essay written by his brother Rafael was published in Madrid in 1934 with the title Introducción a una lógica del arte. In Montevideo he published Teseo 11 (1938) and a new edition of the previous Teseo as well as a version of 21 sonnets by Shakespeare.