César Vaamonde Lores

Category: Historian
Birth Date: 30th June 1867 (†2nd June 1942)
Birth Place: Bergondo (A Coruña)

He was an expert on Galician history, especially history of A Coruña, and became a first mate in the merchant navy.

 Work & Activities

He made some research works on Caaveiro Monastery, tailors in Betanzos (A Coruña), Galician mints, coat of arms of A Coruña, etc. Diccionario Gallego de Autoridades was one of his most important works. He could only reach the letter C and used all the documentation of the Galician Academy on linguistic matters.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was nominated as archivist and librarian of the Galician Academy in 1907 and was a member of several Spanish and Portuguese historical societies and academies (Academy of History and Association of Portuguese Archaeologists). In 1934, he became the official chronicler of A Coruña.