Dino Pacio Lindín

Pseudonym: Dino de Ximil
Category: Professor
Birth Date: 18th November 1934
Birth Place: Pastoriza (Lugo)
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He was a Professor at Rochester, Fordham, City University of New York (CUNY) and State University of New York (SUNY). He founded and directed cultural, social and educative programs. He gives lectures in Galician, Spanish, English, Italian, French, German and Portuguese. He defends the rights of immigrants and promotes Galician as the native language of Galicia. He created the theory 'Historical Socio-linguistics' as the basis for three academic courses: Galician, English and German, Indoeuropean languages; College English for Latinos; English, a highly hybrid language.

 Work & Activities

He writes books and articles in Galician, Spanish and English: He published Terra Humida, Juventud Radical, Biliterate Immigrants/Making Way in Lower Manhattan. He founded the school in the apartments, Solidaridad Humana, The Neighborhooh College; he was involved in the creation of La Casa del Puebo in Portchester, and the 'Cuchiritos' Art Gallegy in a Loisaida market; he wrote a poem in Galician and English against bullfighting.

 Other Interesting Aspects

His educational mottoes are: 'words are learned better with music', 'everybody learns, everybody teaches'.