Basilio Losada Castro

Category: Philologist and writer
Birth Date: 26th June 1930
Birth Place: Láncara (Lugo)

He took a doctor’s degree in Philosophy and Arts and was a Professor of Galician and Portuguese Philology at Barcelona University (he retired in the year 2000). He taught in Spain the programmes of California and Illinois Universities, Knox College and Darmouth College. He studied Law at Barcelona University and was invested as an Honorary Doctor at the Knox College (USA).

 Work & Activities

He gave lectures in Portugal, Brazil, Holland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium and other countries and wrote hundreds of articles about Galician, Portuguese and Brazilian Literature. These are some of his most important books: La Peregrina, Historia de la Literatura Brasileña, Poesía gallega de posguerra, Poesía gallega contemporánea and many critical editions and hundreds of prologues. Over a hundred works were translated into eight languages. Nowadays, he gives courses on Art History in several universities of Germany, Belgium and USA (he was awarded the National Translation Prize).

 Other Interesting Aspects

Basilio Losada was awarded many distinctions such as Castelao Medal, the Medal of Galicia, Sant Jordi Cross (Generalitat de Catalunya), Commander of the Order of Henry, the Sailor of Portugal and Cruceiro do Sul (Brazil), among others. He was the vicepresident of the Spanish Association of Literary Critics from 1985 to 1993, member of the International Association of Literary Critics and the Association of Writers in Galician Language. In 1998, the Criticism Prizes Foundationnominated him as ‘gallego egregio’.