Bernardo Penabade Rei

Category: Teacher
Birth Date: 12th July 1964
Birth Place: As Grañas do Sor, Maañón (A Coruña)
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He graduated in Galician-Portuguese Philology at Santiago University and shortly after in Hispanic Philology. Together with Luís Poupariña he carried out an intense activity during the 80’s in the culture commission of ‘Burgo das Nacións’, where he promoted the announcement of an important literary contest for discovering new writers.
Since 1985, he has collaborated with ‘Imaxe Galega’, a firm related to the audiovisual sector, making works for Galician TV. In addition to sincronization and dubbing in films and TV serials, he was also responsible for script translation, mainly in programmes for children.
From 1997 to 1998, he collaborated in ‘Volvoreta’, a supplement of El Correo Gallego for Compostela University, publishing news about books and interviews to Galician writers.
After a brief period teaching at Paulo VI School, he worked as a teacher at Otero Pedraio Secondary School in Ourense, Bueu, Ortigueira and Viveiro (Vilar Ponte Secondary School, 1990-2003). Nowadays, he has been working at Perdouro Secondary School in Burela since 2003.
He has also participated in many conferences with reports about linguistics, sociolinguistics and didactics. Some of his works are published in ‘Agália’, ‘A Nosa Terra’ and ‘Novas da Galiza’, as well as in the reports of several scientific meetings.
He has been a member of AGAL since 1983, collaborating with important Galician figures such as Ricardo Carvalho Calero, Martinho Montero Santalha, María do Carmo Henríquez and Higinio Martins. He has been a member of the executive committee on several occasions since 1984, being elected secretary in 1996, and president of AGAL since 2001.

 Work & Activities

Together with Araceli Herrero, Ramón Reimunde and Xavier Cordal, he coordinated ‘Actas do Congresso A. Cunqueiro’ (County Council of Lugo, 1993). In colaboration with Marica Campo, he was responsible for the selection and notes of ‘Ansias de Vento’, a posthumous book written by the poet Gustavo Adolfo Lois Dosil (1996).
In 2002, he published ‘Lingua e Literatura-3’ and ‘Lingua e Literatura-4’, two Secondary Education textbooks.
‘Outra voz na procura da emancipaçom nacional: Ricardo Flores’, ‘Educaçom e informaçom objectivas: dous direitos lingüísticos’ and ‘As relaçons transfronteiriças no currículo académico’ are some of his studies collected in ‘Agália’.
He published ‘Alguns usos conflitivos da preposiçom ‘a’ nos complexos verbais’ in the volume Estudos dedicados ao Professor Ricardo Carvalho Calero’ (Ed. da USC / Parlamento Galego).
His work ‘Estratégias para a recuperaçom lingüística no ensino’ came out in the reports of the Seventh International Conference of the Spanish Language and Literature Society (2003).
He also coordinated and prologued the collective book ‘Deixade que voe o paporroibo, que vos conte contos’, O Paporroibo de Ortigueira (1999) and published ‘Xavier Alcalá, escritor e primeiro presidente da AGAL’ (Agália, 2002).