Fuco Reyes

Category: Photographer
Birth Date: In 1965
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
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He started to take photographs, when he was twelve, with his first camera, a Werlisa Color. He studied in the United States and took a degree in Psychology in Santiago in 1990. Afterwards, he studied Information Science, attended several courses on photography and began to work in a specialized magazine. It was then that he began to develop his artistic work.

 Work & Activities

In 2006 he began to work as a professional photographer and focuses his work in interior design, product photography, art reproduction and his artistic work. During this period he also worked as a teacher of photography and carried out individual exhibitions in the galleries of Araguaney Foundation, Compostela Hotel Spa, Sargadelos Gallery and the Casino in Santiago. He also took part in collective exhibitions such as the one presented in the City Council of Brión in 2008. He also took part in the panel of several photography contests. His next exhibition will take place in the Museo do Pobo Galego in Santiago de Compostela from 4th February to 8th March and in Sargadelos Gallery in Madrid from 2nd April. He is also about to develop a project with the sculptor Ramón Conde.