Benjamín Jartín López

Birth Date: In 1926 (†7th March 2011)
Birth Place: Meira (Lugo)

He was also keen on mechanic and electric devices and attended a correspondence course in electronics, which made him handle light and sound. He did his military service in A Coruña, where he lived the rest of his life until his death on 7th March 2011.

When he was a child, he handled the projector at Capitolio cinema in Meira, which only opened on holiday. In 1950, he began to work as an operator in the projection room of Ciudad cinema. It was the first of a long list of cinemas where Benjamín worked so that films could be watched and heard as best as possible.

Jartín was the head projectionist at Fraga circuit and was in charge of over forty cinemas. Riazor was one of the cinemas where he worked most.