Manuela López Besteiro

Category: Politician and teacher
Birth Date: 18th June 1941
Birth Place: Castroverde (Lugo)

She took a degree in Education Sciences at Barcelona University and Psychology at the Psychology College in Madrid. She specialised in Infantile and Adult Education. She worked as a teacher in Madrid and Lugo and became chief inspector and provincial delegate of the 'Consellería de Educación' in Lugo. She is a member of the 'PP' Provincial Committee in Lugo and the 'PPdeG' Regional Committee. In 1990, she was elected autonomic deputy, acting as spokesman of the Social Policy and Employment Commission. She defended the Law to create the Galician Service to promote equality between man and women and the Law of Education for Adults. From 1990 to 1993, she was spokesman of Work and Social Services as well as the commission relative to the University Financing Plan. She filled the office of 'Conselleira de Familia, Muller e Xuventude' (1993), and 'Promoción do Emprego' (1997). The creation of this ‘Consellería’ implied the birth of a new political organization to answer the problems and requests of the Galician families. This department combined the different programmes directed to protect childhood and coordinated several initiatives to promote equality of opportunities for women. As far as youth is concerned, this department started a policy to answer the needs and expectations of Galician young people. The Galician Law about family, childhood and adolescence was approved and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Plan to support the family as well as the 2nd and 3rd Plan of equality of opportunities for Galician women and the Plan of Young Action were created during her term of office . As far as emplyment is concerned, her department negotiated with the central government the transfer of active policy on employment to Galicia. Thus, the Public Galician Service of Employment was created in January 1998. She took an active part to reach the 1st and 2nd Agreements on measures for the development and employment in Galicia, which were signed with the Confederation of Galician Businessmen and the syndicates UGT and CC.OO. She coordinated a Plan of Demographic Revitalization to avoid the decrease in the number of births and face the social and economical changes that the Galician comunity will suffer. Nowadays, he works as an Inspector of the 'Consellería de Educación' and is a deputy in the Galician Parliament.

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She got Castelao Medal in 2012.
She is married to Antonio Calvo Varela and has three daughters.