Cristina Blanco Outón

Category: Professor
Birth Date: 28th September 1964 (†14th february 2004)
Birth Place: Serra de Outes (A Coruña)

She was a Professor of North American Literature within the department of English Philology at Santiago University. Her research work focusses mainly on William Faulkner, who she published a monograph about, as well as several articles for magazines and specialized books and literature for women. He wrote a book about the North American poetess Emily Dickinson and some essays about the British novelist Virginia Wolf. She also elaborated the anthology Mulleres do século XX: Traduccións ó galego de narracións femininas en lingua inglesa, published in 1999. She also collaborated in the newspaper El Correo Gallego, where she published a narrative fiction book.

 Work & Activities

She wrote the following books: Introducción a la narrativa breve de William Faulkner, Santiago de Compostela University: Service of Publications and Scientific Exchange, 1999. ISBN 84-8121-746-8; Emily Dickinson: Cartas a Thomas Wentworth Higginson, León University: Publication Service. ISBN: 84-8064-083-9. Mulleres fronte ó século XX: Traducciones al gallego de narraciones femeninas en lengua inglesa. Santiago: Editorial Compostela, 1999. ISBN 84-8064-083-9.