Benito Prieto Coussent

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 6th June 1907 (†In 2001)
Birth Place: Ribadeo (Lugo)

His father was a photographer and taught him the mysteries of light and expression in portraits. He studied at 'San Fernando' Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, where he met Julio Romero de Torres (his teacher) and Salvador Dalí (his partner). When he finished his studies, he worked as a teacher, founded a cultural magazine and started a wide artistic career. In 1936, he was taken to prison for supporting workers and anarchists. While he was in prison, he painted twenty-four portraits of his partners, which were delivered to their children and widows after their death. In 1940, he married a pharmacist in Granada, where he established himself.

 Work & Activities

His work is wide but his Christs and portraits are especially important. Together with some friends of his, he sculpted a bust of Valle-Inclán, which was unveiled at the Palm Gardens in Pontevedra a few weeks before the military rising. When Franco's government was established, the bust disappeared.