Carmen Martín Serantes

Category: Painter
Birth Date: In 1971
Birth Place: Winterthur (Switzerland)


She has been living in Ferrol since she returned with her family when she was a child. She studied Fine Arts in Pontevedra and finished in Barcelona, where she graduated in Painting in 1997, although she also studied Engraving.

 Work & Activities

She has exhibited her work in Els Quatre Gats, Punt Jota Art Gallery, Fenicia Gallery in Barcelona, Gran Hotel (Sitges), etc... and in Galicia at Torrente Ballester Cultural Centre, Sargadelos Gallery (Ferrol), Círculo Mercantil (Marín), Gallery of Ortigueira City Council, Arte-Imagen Gallery and Meliá - María Pita Hotel (A Coruña).
Carmen Martín has carried out exhibitions on her own. She presented an exhibition in Barcelona with over 400 drawings and 50 pictures with views of several parts of the city. Many people visited the exhibition (“Imprenta Borràs”) that also appeared in a short by Juan Pablo Etcheverry (‘Minotauromaquia, La Flor más Grande del Mundo’).
On her returning to Ferrol in 1998, Carmen and her husband, the artist Miguel Anxo Varela, founded the ‘Escuela Abierta de Arte’ (Open Art School), an educative institution that served as a model for other later ones. Many activities were carried out at this school but Carmen gave up teaching to devote herself to painting and illustration.
Her present work (pictures for the altar of St Fernando Church – Santiago) is collected in

She also combines this with several long-term projects:
Arte & Café. Taking the name of the exhibitions she had organized at the Open School, Carmen uses two cafés in Ferrol to exhibit her works:
CAFETO, Rúa Galiano, Ferrol:
"Madre no hay más que una pero aquí tengo varias": various pictures about maternity (November-December 2006).
"Desde el tejado": aerial views of Ferrol (December 2006 – January 2007).
"Casas con pelo": (February 2007).
DERBY, Ferrol: "Peces": pictures about fish before and after being cooked.
"Castañas": exhibition about chestnuts and chestnut trees.
"Desnudos y grabados": nude and engravings about Ferrol.
“Érase una vez mis gatas”: stories and pictures about the animals she live with.
Portraits: In this project, she makes portraits of pupils from the Open School and some of her friends.
Painting in action. Carmen started an ambitious project (‘Pintura en Acción’), exhibiting his works in unusual places. She plans a project a month and even has a blog in the Internet, where she presents all her activities and mainly everything about this project (‘Pintura en Acción’,
3rd January 2007: ZUCRE. This café is known in Ferrol as it usually functions as an art gallery.
23rd February 2007: CAFETO.
22nd March 2007: Campus de Esteiro, Ferrol (University of A Coruña).
Other activities of this project will be exhibited at the Language School, Concepción Arenal Secondary School, on the beach, in the street, in a bank, etc.
Her actions serve as a protest to the difficulties for exhibiting her works in her own city.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She is writing and illustrating stories for children (
‘Escuela Abierta de Arte’:
Personal blog: “Pintura en Acción”:
Gallery (old works):