Bartolomé Rajoy Losada

Category: Bishop
Birth Place: Pontedeume (A Coruña)

He studied Philosophy at St Jeronimo School in Santiago. Then he studied Law and Canons and graduated as a lawyer in A Coruña.

 Work & Activities

He founded the 'Congregación de Naturales y Originales de Galicia', which was created in Madrid in 1741. This institution used to organise St James Festivity, patron saint of Galicia and Spain, and put all Galician people in Madrid in touch with one another so that they could help one another and support all those matters related to Galicia. Shortly after, he was nominated as general commissioner of the Crusade, one of the most important ecclesiastical posts in Spain at that moment. In 1751, he became bishop of Santiago de Compostela. Many buildings were constructed and restored in the city, being the Azabachería façade the first one. He also built the Lestrove Palace in the outskirts of Santiago. He founded Carretas Hospital, which was a refugee for beggars and crippled people that begged around the city, the poorhouse and persuaded his relative Mateo Vázquez to create the 'Colegio de la Enseñanza'. The City Council of Compostela, opposite the cathedral at Plaza del Obradoiro, was his most important work. Besides, he raised the Seminary, enlarged the Archbishop's Palace and the Retreat House, built the Archbishop's Palace in Lestrove and founded the 'Asilo de Carretas' and 'Casa Galera'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He filled the following offices chaplain of the King, his Royal Chapel, House and Court, judge and commissioner for oaths and royal councillor of the Kingdom of León.