Ángel Lorenzo Macías

Pseudonym: Lorem
Category: Designer and painter
Birth Date: 3rd March 1956
Birth Place: Pontevedra
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He was already keen on painting and drawing when he was a child. He began to paint when he was thirteen, entering a fascinating artistic world that made him develop and practise different techniques. He could not study Painting owing to economical troubles but he studied Delineation, Projection and Design. He started with pencil and went on with charcoal, pen nibs and paintbrush, presenting his first exhibition in Pontevedra in 1992. In 1995, he took up again his studies on art, improving his technique on oil painting and watercolour for two years. From that moment on wards, LOREM began to make his work known first in his native city (June and August 1997) and then all around Spain.