Avelino Pousa Antelo

Pseudonym: Lucho do Peto
Category: Teacher and writer
Birth Date: 14th May 1914 (†20th august 2012)
Birth Place: Barcala, A Baña (A Coruña)

He studied at the Pontifical University of Compostela for six years. He also studied Teaching in Santiago, Trade in Lugo for two years and worked as a cooperative manager in Zaragoza. He was a member of the Young Supporters of Galician Autonomy and took part in the propaganda of the Statute of Autonomy in 1936. In 1946, he enjoyed a scholarship at the Galician Biological Mission to prepare himself to direct the Agricultural School in Barreiros de Ortoá - Sarria (Lugo), which started on 1st January 1948, where courses on Agriculture were organised for agricultural teachers. Those courses were celebrated in Lugo from 1948 to 1971 (Antonio Fernández López, who sponsored the courses died in 1971).

In 1955, he moved to Orotava (Tenerife), where he worked as an agricultural expert. In 1960, he came back to Galicia to work at 'SEMISA', a company of seed manufacture. That same year, he moved to Zaragoza, where he directed 'AIVESA', a cattle company. In 1970, he came back to Galicia again to work at Pontecesures school until January 1983 that he retired. He was algo the secretary of 'Pedrón de Ouro' Foundation and president of 'Castelao' Foundation.

 Work & Activities

He collaborated in "La Voz de Barcala" at the Agricultural Federation of Negreira (A Coruña) during the 30's. He has published hundreds of articles in newspapers and magazines about Agriculture, cooperatives and politics. He has published the following books: Temas de Agricultura (Lugo, 1951); Cooperativa de Explotación comunitaria para unha parroquia rural (Galaxia, 1968)¸ ¿Valen ou non as cooperativas comunitarias para o campo galego? (Galaxia, 1971), Reforma das Estructuras Agrarias de Galicia (1972); A Escola Agrícola de Granxa Barreiros ("Do Castro" Publications, 1988); Conversas con Avelino Pousa Antelo. Memorias dun galego inconformista (by Amancio Liñares Giraut. "Do Castro" Publications, 1991) and Galicia, tarefa urxente ("Sotelo Blanco" Publications, 1992).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was the general secretary and president of the Galician Party from 1978 to 1983.