Concepción Plantón Meilán

Category: Guitarist and composer
Birth Place: Lugo
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Obra: Soñando

Obra: Romance Anónimo

She has composed eleven books for classic guitar and has presented the CD Siete obras para guitarra with their own scores. Her musical career started with a recital in the Círculo de las Artes of Lugo, directed by Professor García. She went on giving recitals in several radio stations and began to study in the Conservatoires of Ourense and Santiago de Compostela, where she took her degree. San Luis de Santiago was one of her Professors and she follows the technique of the great composer Francisco Tárrega. Her works consist of pure music and sounds, timbre richness, harmony and beauty. She presented the CD in 1998 in the Círculo de las Artes thanks to the Philharmonic Orchestra of Lugo and performed her works live.

 Work & Activities

She first composed Belleza-Capricho in 1991. Then, she composed Embrujo-Nocturno, Lucient-Minuetto, ¡Hágase la Música!, Preludio, Majestuosa con aire de danza, Arte Nuevo-Preludio and Universal-Divertimento. These works are collected in the CD Siete obras para guitarra. She also composed Ráfaga, Estudio Cantable, Lucense and Admirable (2004), being all scores for sale. Her works can be found at St Fernando Academy of Fine Arts, the Galician Academy of Fine Arts, the Conservatoire of Madrid, Andrés Segovia Conservatoire in Linares (Jaén), the Lyceum of Barcelona, Principado de Asturias and the Conservatoire of Lugo.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She formed the group 'Virtuosos' that performed in the Auditorium, radio stations and in the disco 'Estudio Tres'. As far as her teaching activity is concerned, she taught solfa, Music History and instruments at several schools in Vilalba, Meira, Sarria and Nadela, as well as at 'Isla Verde' and 'Divino Maestro' Schools in Lugo. Her works can fe found in the Provincial Record Office and the City Council of Lugo.